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Interior Design

Interior Design is an artform and a science; our experts at A&B Interiors will find your style and bring it to life across a lounge suite, set of windows, a bedroom or an entire house. Interior Design is about form and function.

Elegant and Clever Interior Design 

Interior Design at A&B Interiors is a way of life. Be it minimal, modern or traditional, our design team can assist with your vision from elegant bedroom windows, to a modern kitchen, a classical lounge and or even an indoor-outdoor flow for entertaining.

Soft Furnishings add style and flair to your Melbourne home. At A&B Interiors we stock a wide range of fabrics, trims and accessories and can assist you in all aspects of interior decoration. Our qualified decorators can guide you to help capture the look and feel you are trying achieve.


Local Design Expertise

With many of our clients coming from the Melbourne area, we understand the unique qualities of the homes in this area. By working with many of Australia’s leading brands and stylists, we know what the latest interior trends are whilst also developing styles that stay modern for years rather than months.

By mixing this local experience, Australian product and colour trends with international colour styles, we can customise a home on any budget or requirement. With customers continuing to come back to us over many years, their happiness is proof of the quality work we do.


High Quality Interior Design Solutions for Every Home

We work with our community’s best homes and offices which means we only produce the highest quality of interior design solutions for you. Every home deserves an elegant solution that serves the room’s purpose; from a lounge that suits a professional couple or a sporty family of four to a kitchen that is small and compact or that serves as a base for an outdoor entertaining area.

By working with many professional architects, stylists, fabric houses and interior designers we help bring our clients the best interior design for their home. 


Simple Interior Decorating Ideas - Big Impact

Whether you are after traditional cushions, bold window fashion treatments or a modern lounge and bedroom style, our clients benefit from our interior design expertise as we like to mix and match ideas that enhance homes in a simple way. Even small decorating projects can freshen up your home and be inexpensive.

Simple touches to the home like the choice of flowers, colour of picture frames and fireplace or the effective use of ornaments can simple accentuate the style of the home you’re looking to showcase. While we love bringing complex style guides to life, our experience tells us time and time again that some of the simplest touches are the best.


Bedspreads, Pillow Slips and Valances

Compliment any bedroom dècor with an interior design that make it feel dreamy, comfortable, romantic, stylish or simply traditional and classic. We can take your design ideas and use custom made bedspreads, pillow slips and valances (available in a variety of colours and styles) to bring it to life. 

Create your very own personal retreat by complementing existing dècor or gaining the inspiration for a complete makeover. Add warmth and your own personal touch to any bedroom in your home. Complete the designer look of any room in your home by working with our team to assist you to coordinate colours/fabrics/textures to match, contrast or harmonise with your custom made bedding.


Living Room Style with Custom made Cushions

Whether you are after traditional cushions, bolsters, a window seat or want to create your very own style of cushion, we can custom make everything imaginable. Cushions are a fantastic way to brighten up anyone’s lounges & bedrooms and our trained staff will help you coordinate them to your individual style and needs.

Cushions are a fantastic way to brighten up anyone’s lounges & bedrooms and our trained staff will help you coordinate them to your individual style and needs. We can also provide guidance on window fashions, furniture choices and advice on accessories and artwork to add a feature or two to the room.


Shiny items steal attention from the room

When you're excited about the style you've chosen, you may find many pieces that look and feel great. But don't put them all in one room. Filling a wall with artwork or putting accessories across every piece of furniture and shelving is a recipe for disaster. Keep the look simple, have a few well chosen pieces and leave the rest hidden for another time, when you can bring them out 6 months later for a fresh new look. Less is more.

Choose durable fabrics

The number of times people choose amazing colours but don't think about the fabrics and how they will deal with use is a major problem. Colours will age but if you don't get durable fabrics (that are easy to clean) then that bold lounge suite, royal colour dining room chair or statement chair will fade and detract from your room and style. ‘Durable’ and ‘stain-resistant’ are the buzzwords we’re looking for when picking the perfect upholstery.

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Earn Qantas Points*

Earn 1 Qantas Point* for every $1 spent on purchases from the entire Luxaflex Window Fashions range. To find out how you can earn points, visit the Qantas Frequent Flyer program overview.

Professional advice

Contact us today. Our Luxaflex dealers are trained to deliver the best advice, helping you select the best solution for your needs - in every area from fabrics to fit-outs.

Flawless installation

Once you’ve selected your Luxaflex® Window Fashions product, your order will be sent to our factory to be custom-made. We will set you up with an installer who’ll come to you and furnish your home with your new window covering. Check out our video of The Home Team explaining the benefits of using a professional blind installer.